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Kernel for Attachment Management discount

Kernel for Attachment Management coupon code

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Kernel for Attachment Management is a comprehensive, effective, and multi-functional utility, which has been designed to manage Outlook attachments. The software automatically manages the size of PST file by moving the attachments to another location on your computer’s hard disk leaving a shortcut for that attachment in email. Kernel for Attachment Management has proven itself the best attachment manager for Outlook as it encompasses the functionality of three different tools:

  • Outlook Email Attachment Processor: Automatically processes incoming emails with attachments and saves the processed attachments into a folder on your computer’s hard disk instead of saving the attachments in PST file.
  • Outlook Zip Attachment Processor: Automatically archives the attachments into Zip file and saves the zipped attachments at a destined location. It also allows you to password protect the zipped attachments so that no one can access the attachments without specifying the password.
  • Outlook Blocked Emails Processor: Enables you to manage the emails with blocked attachments. Outlook automatically blocks incoming emails that contain suspected attachments that is the attachments that can be harmful for your computer, PST file, and emails. It allows you to specify file’s extension that should not be processed and that should be processed.


Why you should use Kernel for Attachment Management?

Kernel for Attachment Management should be used to avail following benefits:

  • To effectively manage the size of PST file. Most of the space in PST file is consumed by attachments; Kernel for Attachment Management moves those attachments to another location and makes space in PST file for other incoming emails.
  • To enhance the performance of Outlook. Microsoft Outlook takes more time to fetch data from large PST file in comparison to small sized PST file.
  • To enhance the security of attachments. Kernel for Attachment Management enables you to assign password to attachments to make them secure from intruders.
  • To protect the PST file from corruption. If the PST file reaches to its maximum size limit then the PST file can also be damaged. If the file gets damaged then you may need to face data loss. Therefore, Kernel for Attachment Management also keeps you away from the nightmare of data loss.
  • To save your time that you spend to manually managing the attachments.
  • To protect your mailbox from suspicious emails.
Kernel for Attachment Management is compatible with MS Outlook 2000, Outlook 2002, Outlook XP, Outlook 2003, Outlook2007 and Outlook 2010. You can install the software on Windows 98, Windows NT, Windows 2000, Windows 2003, Windows 2008, Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7. Kernel for Attachment Management is available for a free trial of 30 days with full functionality. One can evaluate the software during the trial period before making a purchase to confirm the software features.

Software Features 

Kernel for Attachment Management comprises a myriad of irresistible features that make it an apt solution for every Outlook user. Following are the features of Kernel for Attachment Management:

  • Helps managing PST size by automatically extracting attachments from incoming emails, emails stored in a selected folder in mailbox, or emails stored in all folders in your mailbox. After extracting the attachments, the software saves them on your computer’s hard disk leaving a short cut for the moved attachments in their respective email messages.
  • Supports Microsoft Exchange Server and Internet mail (Pop3 / IMAP).
  • Automatically processes all incoming email messages having attachments.
  • Automatically renames the attachments based on the selected file renaming option.
  • Saves attachments in the form of .zip files.
  • Provides the option to password protect the .zip files.
  • Provides “Append a unique count in file name,” “Do not save file,” and “Overwrite file” options to manage already existing attachments.
  • Supports all types of attachments.
  • Enables to compact the stored attachments.
  • Enables to restore attachments into their respective email messages.
  • Enables to manage logs.
  • Supports multiple rules for attachments’ processing.
  • Provides an option to save the selected attachment-processing rule as template.
  • Facilitates you to import the saved rule.
  • Provides attachments’ filter to let you specify the processing options. Based on the processing options, the software processes attachments.
  • Marks the processed emails as read, unread, or marks with a flag.
  • Allows to copy or to move the processed attachment to another folder in your mailbox.
  • Enables to instantly process the attachments or to schedule a job for automatic processing of attachments.
  • Self-descriptive user interface.
  • Round the clock technical support.
  • Available for Free evaluation.

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