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MLC addin is the powerpoint addin that will customize your powerpoint and boost your productivity thanks to the following functions:




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    Mar 29, 2015 · Hi, I have been looking for a quick way to swap shapes in powerpoint for a while and finally I’ve got the addins. The Cavy addin, check it out: http://goo.gl/PZyZHq I invite all the powerpointers to

    powerpoint swap shapes addin — Maurizio La …
    This great addin boosts my productivity on a daily base. I find the "swap shapes" function just amazing. I use "make all the same size" function very often so I can resize many shapes at once applying the size of a specific shape selected.

    MLC_PPT_Addin_Download – mauriziolacava.com
    MLC PowerPoint Addin [Swap Shapes in PowerPoint] Boost your productivity, get slides done in minutes, surprise your audience. Our users work for:

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    I Mean to swap the shapes while building the slide, is there a command to do so? This page may be out of date. … How do you swap 2 shapes in powerpoint? Update Cancel.

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    Jul 18, 2016 · The new version of MLC Addin for PowerPoint includes many new advanced features (Download it for free at: mauriziolacava.com/my-addin): Advanced shapes …

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    May 04, 2015 · Power-user button to swap the positions of two shapes. Skip navigation … Swap shapes position … MLC PowerPoint Addin – Swap shapes in Powerpoint …

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