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Kernel for BKF is used to recover data from corrupt BKF files. BKF is an extremely useful proprietary backup format that is used in Windows NT, 2000, XP and Server 2003. BKF files can be used to backup all your important Windows data including Exchange server data. However, BKF file is susceptible to corruption, and when that happens all your backup data becomes inaccessible as system throws different types of error messages such as “Backup file contains unrecognized data and cannot be used”, “Backup file is unusable…” etc. Kernel for BKF is an advanced tool that can take care of all these error messages and repair damaged and corrupt BKF files irrespective of the degree of corruption. There could be so many reasons for the BKF file corruption such as Virus Attack, corruption of storage media, illegal system shutdown, damage during backup creation process etc. Kernel for BKF works on a powerful algorithm that can recover all sorts of files from BKF. This software is a must-have tool when NTBackup could not use the corrupt BKF file. It recovers all BKF files created with Backup Exec by VERITAS Software.

Working of the Software:

Working of the software is pretty simple; the entire recovery and restoration process is divided in three simple-to-follow steps:

  1. Browse and add the BKF file to the application.
  2. Explore and Search data from recovered files.
  3. Save recovered data to desired location on the disk or remote computer or any external device.

The software uses two robust recovery modes to recover the data from corrupted BKF files. These modes are:

  • Quick Mode: Fastest mode of recovery that instantly recovers data from corrupt BKF files.
  • Advanaced Mode: It deeply scans the corrupted BKF file and retrieves the entire data. It is more efficient and ensures complete data retrieval.


To allow you to have hands on experience of the software before making the purchase, Kernel for BKF is also available in demo version. Using the free demo version you can evaluate the features and recovery potential of the software. This utility has got an attractive User Interface and is extremely easy to use. You can download and try the free demo version from our website; this no-obligation trial version can be downloaded within minutes and installed instantaneously. Once you are satisfied with the product’s performance you can purchase the full version as mentioned in Download, Purchase and Register section.

Software Features

Kernel for BKF is endowed with a number of useful features that makes this software extremely attractive. These features offer some unparallel benefits that are difficult to get elsewhere.

  • The software has got an extremely intuitive Interface that makes the recovery process very simple. The scope of the software is quite broad and can handle all sorts of BKF corruption.
  • Offers a simple three-step recovery process that can be performed without any guidance.
  • Recovers required files from the BKF. Software allows you to search BKF and extract specific files and folders from the BKF.
  • Kernel for BKF also recovers file metadata such as file modification date etc.
  • Software provides two effective recovery modes, Quick Mode & Advanaced Mode to recover entire backup data.
  • Enables user in adding multiple BKF files in one go.
  • Performs automatic recovery using Advanced Mode when Quick Mode fails to recover the backup data.
  • Allows you to save the recovered data with hierarchy and with BKF creation info.
  • Makes recovery process faster by instantly loading previously saved recovery information from local disk.
  • Restores the recovered data in hard disk, remote location and other external device.
  • Repairs all kind of BKF files including those containing Exchange data.
  • Supports all versions of BKF created using MS backup or VERITAS backup.
  • Recovers data from MS Exchange BKF files.
  • Generates log reports for the data that cannot be saved to desired location.
  • Provides easy option to add as well as recover multiple BKF files by dragging them into the software interface.
  • Software is highly compatible and runs on all popular versions of the Windows.
  • Available in free-trial version.

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