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kernel file shredder coupon code


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Kernel File Shredder is an amazing, stunning, and professional data privacy software that has been designed to permanently delete (shred) files and folders beyond recovery. By using the phrase beyond recovery, we mean once the files and/or folders are shred using Kernel File Shredder software, none of the Windows Data Recovery tool will be able to recover them back in any case and by using any data recovery algorithm.

Kernel File Shredder is also called data privacy tool, as it protects important data from being used in wrong manner. For example, after using some sensitive data, you have deleted the file so that no one can reuse it in a wrong way. In your knowledge, you have permanently deleted the file but in fact, that file can be recovered using Windows Data Recovery software because the file is deleted not shredded. And if the file is recovered by any wrong person then consequences can be dangerous. To avoid such situations, using Kernel File Shredder is recommended so that the deleted file cannot be recovered again.

Difference between File Deletion and File Shredding

A very common question that anyone would raise is the difference between File Deletion and File Shredding. Most of the people think that once the files are deleted from Recycle Bin or by using SHIFT + DEL key, none of the software can recover them back. People think like that because they cannot see the permanently deleted files in their computer’s hard disk; therefore, we cannot say them wrong too because they do not know the Windows functionality about deleting files and folders.

When files and/or folders are permanently deleted from computer’s hard disk, Windows sets index and segment values to NULL due to which the files and folders are marked as deleted and we cannot see them in hard disk but in actual, files and folders are still there.

By setting the index and segment values to NULL, Windows make the space available for other files and folders. Until the space occupied by the files and folders that are marked deleted is not overwritten by other files and folders, it is possible to recover deleted files back using an efficient Windows Data Recovery software. Here, the difference comes between File Deletion and File Shredding.

When files are deleted using SHIFT + DEL key or from Recycle Bin, you can recover them back but when files are shred using Kernel File Shredder, it becomes almost impossible to recover the files back.

Overview of Software Functioning

Kernel File Shredder permanently removes the files and folders from computer’s hard disk making them unfeasible to recover. While shredding files and folders, the software overwrites the file’s content using file shredding algorithm making the file content useless, renames the files, and then removes it permanently from hard disk.

The software incorporates eleven file shredding algorithms from which the user can select the required one from the simplest Zeroes (1 pass) algorithm to the toughest DoD 5220 + Peter Gutmann file shredding algorithm.

Note: Kernel File Shredder is designed to shred files available on computer’s hard disk. Data stored on any other storage media like network drive, external hard disk, pen drive, etc. cannot be shredded using Kernel File Shredder. Additionally, it will delete only those files that Windows allows to delete. For example, it will not delete any file, which is in use but selected to shred. If you select a file, which is in use to shred then Kernel File Shredder will not shred the file and failure message is reported in the log file.

Key Features

Stunning Kernel File Shredder incorporates an array of outstanding features that make it a professional file shredding and data privacy tool. Mentioned below are the software features:

  • Fast and impeccable Shredding: The software takes just few moments in shredding files and folders from computer’s hard disk whereas carrying out impeccable shredding of files and folders. Once the files and/or folders are shredded using Kernel File Shredder, they cannot be recovered back by any Data Recovery Software.
  • Multiple Shredding Options: The software provides multiple options to let you select and shred files and folders in just few clicks. Shredding options provided are:
    • File and Folder: Enables selecting and shredding files and folders present at different locations in your computer’s hard disk drive.
    • Recycle Bin: Displays files and folders available in the Recycle Bin folders and allows shredding them in just one click.
    • System Files: Facilitates shredding Temporary files, Windows Temporary Files, Internet Temporary Files, and Internet Cookies in just one click.
    • Free Disk Space: Enables shredding free disk space available on hard disk in just one click.
    • Useless Files: Allows finding and shredding files that are useless for you in just one click. 
  • Automatic Files Shredding: Kernel File Shredder better understands the importance of time; therefore, allows creating and executing file shredding task at prescheduled time. Once the file shredding task is created and scheduled, the software will automatically shred files and folders at the specified time according to the settings done in the Task.
  • Secure Software Access: Whereas Kernel File Shredder is advantageous for those who do not want anyone to access their personal and crucial data, it can be otherwise used for destructive purposes by offenders. For example, someone who wants to take any sort of revenge from you can shred important files from your computer using the File Shredder tool. Therefore, software access has been made secure in Kernel File Shredder. To make the application access secure, option to set application access password is embedded in the software. Once the password is applied, the software can be accessed with correct password only.
  • Save Shredding History: The software automatically creates log files in which information about the shredding operation is saved. Information like when the shredding operation is performed, which option has been selected during the operation, path of the files shredded, which shredding algorithm has been used to shred files, whether the shredding process has been successful or not, etc. is saved in the log file. That log files help you keep a record of which files was shredded when.
  • Save / load Shredding List: Allows you to create a list of the files and folders that you want to shred. The list so created will have .cfs format, which can be loaded anytime to carry on the shredding process. This feature is beneficial for those who need to shred files on regular basis but have lots of other works to do. Such people can simply create a list of the files and folders to be shredded and later on when get time, they can upload the shredding list to shred the selected files and folders.
  • Multiple Shredding Algorithms: Kernel File Shredder incorporates eleven outstanding File shredding algorithms from which the user can select the required one for shredding selected files and folders. 
  • Free Demo: A fully functional yet free version of Kernel File Shredder allows shredding files and folders continuously for 30 days without any limitation. However, for using the software after 30 days, you will have to purchase the Full version of the software.
  • Intuitive Graphical User Interface: Both, a professional computer user and novice computer user can easily install and use the Kernel File Shredder software because of its self-descriptive graphical user interface.

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